Imagining Spain
  • Jun 28, 2008
    256 p., 234 x 156
    ISBN: 9780300126419
  • Cloth: $38.00 sc

Imagining Spain

Historical Myth and National Identity

  • Henry Kamen


"In seven trenchant chapters and a postscript, Mr. Kamen demolishes one cherished fantasy after another. Drawing on archival sources, unpublished manuscripts, and a vast body of scholarship in several languages, he takes a fresh, and often scathing, look at Spanish notions of nationhood, monarchy, and empire, and shows them to rise almost wholly out of ignorance and self-delusion. . . . Only someone who loves Spain deeply could have written this book. By stripping away the corrosions of myth, Mr. Kamen, shows a Spain as rough-and-tumble as it is various—not the 'lively sensation,' but the thing itself."—Eric Ormsby, New York Sun

"Kamen . . . brings his magisterial command of early modern Spain to a rich, fresh reading of the symbolic meanings that permeate Spanish history and culture. . . . Highly recommended."—G. W. McDonogh, Choice

"Two hundred readable and enjoyable pages. . . . Kamen is on solid ground with his myth busting, and he continues to write with exceptional flair and a trademark wit that has made him one of the deans of Spanish historiography."—Enrique A. Sanabria, Journal of World History