Palestine Betrayed
Political Science

Palestine Betrayed

  • Efraim Karsh


"A brave and exceedingly important piece of work."—David Vital, author of A People Apart

"With Isaiah Friedman, Efraim Karsh is the preeminent scholar-spokesman of the Revisionist (politically-rightist) Movement in Zionism. I consider this latest of Karsh's books, Palestine Betrayed, a work of meticulous, even exhaustive scholarship which must be taken with the greatest seriousness and respect by historians of diverse points of view.  Indeed, any student of modern Israel will ignore at their peril its sheer cornucopia of factual revelations." - Howard Sachar

"This is the story of the triple betarayal of Palestine by Britsh colonial masters, Arab despots and Palestinian demagogues. A must read for anyone interested in the Middle East's longest-running conflict." - Amir Taheri

“Basing itself on Arabic as well as Western, Soviet, UN, and Israeli sources, Karsh's is corrective history at its boldest and most thorough.”--Jewish Ideas Daily


“[A] tour de force. . . . With his customary in-depth archival research. . .clear presentation, and meticulous historical sensibility, Karsh argues. . . that Palestinians decided their own destiny and bear near-total responsibility for becoming refugees.”--Daniel Pipes, National Review


"A thoroughly researched, sound historical account of the struggles that ensued between the Jewish and Arab communities when the British decided to leave Palestine."--Sol Schindler, Washington Times

"Ephraim Karsh’s Palestine Betrayed tells in rich detail the story of the fall of the British Mandate and the rise of Israel, going a long way towards doing justice to the history at hand." --Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

"By relying on the available, original sources, Karsh stitches together a seemingly irrefutable case for the validity of the traditionalist narrative."--David Rodman

"Prof Karsh makes a strong case and writes clearly"—R.B.C, Contemporary Review

"‘Tightly argued."—Neil Caplan, Times Literary Supplement

"The book makes an important contribution . . . to the scholarly and public debate on [the 1948 Arba-Israeli] war."—Hillel Cohen, American Historical Review

"[An] interesting study."—B. Rahimi, Choice

"An important contribution to the literature of this epic struggle."—Richard D. Wilkins, Jewish Observer of Central New York