Radical Judaism
  • Mar 23, 2010
    208 p., 5 1/2 x 8 1/4

    ISBN: 9780300152326
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Series Information
Franz Rosenzweig Lecture Series

Radical Judaism

Rethinking God and Tradition

  • Arthur Green


"Green emerges as a decidedly non-traditionalist theologian through this illuminating and evocative discussion about such topics as classic metaphors for God, evolutionary theory, and Kabbalistic theories of creation. Radical Judaism is highly accessible, and the issues addressed are very much those of our contemporaries."—Neil Gillman, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

“A credible spirituality for our tumultuous times. Green draws richly from the Jewish mystical tradition, but also writes from the heart of his own experience. This lucidly written and wise book will reach far beyond the Jewish community.”—Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith

“Filled with interesting observations . . . deliberately provocative [and] accessibly written.”

--Rabbi David Wolpe, Jewish Journal

“A brilliant, complex work . . . deeply satisfying . . . a welcome pushing of the boundaries by a master thinker.”—Jewish Book World

“Rabbi Arthur Green . . . makes his clearest and boldest case yet . . . a valuable contribution . . . Green has now produced some of the best Jewish theology of our time.”—Jay Michaelson, The Forward


"Green is steeped in the classical sources of Jewish and especially kabbalistic tradition, and his writing is informed by the insights of scientists and secular thinkers."—Daniel J. Rettberg, AJL Newsletter

“An indispensable, reader-friendly introduction to the new immanence in contemporary theology read out of the sources of Judaism.”—Zachary Braiterman, Religious Studies Review

"[A] rich and thoughtful work . . . Radical Judaism ought to be read by anyone who wants to get a sense of one major position on the contemporary American Jewish theological landscape, as well as by those interested in the theoretical relationships between science and mysticism."—Samuel H. Brody, Journal of Religion