The Global War for Internet Governance
Political Science

The Global War for Internet Governance

  • Laura DeNardis


The Global War for Internet Governance is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to understand the political intricacies behind Internet protocols and the diverse group of power players vying to influence them.”—Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law and Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University; author of The Future of the InternetAnd How to Stop It

"One can no longer credibly claim to understand the dynamics of global power in the Internet Age without a basic understanding of Internet governance. To that end, DeNardis is required reading."— Rebecca MacKinnon, author of Consent of the Networked

"DeNardis marries her understanding of the underlying infrastructure of the Internet with the literature on technology and society with great effect."—William Dutton

“When the very structures of society are reconfigured, governance must be re-imagined.  In The Global War for Internet Governance, Laura DeNardis elegantly weaves together different aspects of technology and policy to provide a roadmap for imagining how governance can operate in a networked world.”—danah boyd, Microsoft Research and Harvard Berkman Center

"There is no better book to prepare students and policy makers alike for the global debates arising over Internet governance. Professor DeNardis illuminates the ways in which seemingly neutral technical decisions, being made by standards bodies and private companies, are shaping such critical issues as freedom of expression, privacy, intellectual property, cyber security, and access to information resources in the digital age."—William H. Dutton, Professor of Internet Studies, University of Oxford

“The Global War for Internet Governance excavates the largely hidden realm of Internet governance taking place beneath the surface of users’ experience. From technical standard setting to private sector peering arrangements, DeNardis offers an essential introduction to the field.”—Ronald Deibert, University of Toronto

"A thoroughly researched, carefully framed and scoped, and well-written introduction to Internet governance theory and practice from an international perspective."—Urs Gasser

DeNardis takes readers beneath the hood of the Internet, cogently explaining the technical agreements, standards and procedures that tie it together. . . . A rigorous exploration of obscure but important issues with potentially global effects.”—Kirkus Reviews